World immersive tour

Why World immersive tour
Holidays are increasingly being chosen, organized and bought by internet.
The World Immersive Tour project was founded to make full use of the technical potential of the web, which is today in a position to promote not just information but also the emotions and sensations of holidays with great efficiency.

  • Immersive Map: beyond Google Street View
    World Immersive Tour is a platform for tourist promotions based on dynamic 360 degree photographs of landscapes, cities and monuments. Virtual itineraries can be realized with advanced technologies by specialized teams.
    Like this potential tourists, who increasingly choose destinations by internet, will be attracted by an enthralling multimedia visit which will stress tourist destinations.


  • How it works
    So let’s see how the ‘World Immersive Tour’ platform works.
    A country or a tourist area is represented by an interactive map. The points of interest are shown with geographical references, classified, and enriched with multimedia elements.
    Thanks to a campaign of virtual representation carried out on the spot, various targets appear on the map, where it is possible to ‘land’ and visit the corresponding places.

  • Rich contents for Tourism Promotion Boards
    The contents inserted in the map, provided by a tourist body or produced by a specialised publisher, are indexed, translated into several languages and made searchable by search engines on the internet, allowing maximum accessibility at world level.
    The promotional body receives the reworked data, now organised as a tourism database which can be reused in other contexts. Starting from lists supplied by the tourism body, hotels, tourist offices and other services and businesses connected with tourism are also positioned on the map and made searchable.

  • 2d and 3d tourist map
    As the cartographic base, Nasa satellite photos, public domain and free Maps may be used, and adapted to the special needs of tourism. On the tourist maps, which may be 2D or 3D, interactive itineraries and routes can be marked, to give access to points of interest and immersive visits.

  • Multimedia Guided Tours
    Audiovisual guided visits will also be provided for locations and sites. The audio guide can be downloaded and also used in other media, for example cell phones. It is foreseen that the format will allow 3D reconstructions of monuments and archaeological sites with past and present views. The visitor will be able to pass from the present appearance to that of centuries or millennia ago.

  • Web 2.0: User Generated Contents
    The platform has an audience participation function similar to wikipedia, to allow tourists to insert their own content, images and video, with travel diaries and comments.
    With World Immersive Tour, tourist promotion assumes a new, enthralling and exciting dimension, transforming every destination into a performance for tourists from all over the world.