Mobile multimedia guide


Discover art cities in a truly new way. No more name listings to look at: with our iPhone multimedia guides you can tap the real buildings while you’re standing in front of them…. or just sitting home.

These guides focus on aspects that are often neglected: the history and culture of the place you’re visiting.

Fly over the landscape using a visual map, then land on the spot you’re interested in and tap on the buildings to know about their history.

You can also view drawings or paintings from fine artists to see how the building looked centuries ago.

In selected areas (like Rome for example) we have rebuilt ancient buildings as they were 2000 years ago! Thanks to your iPhone or iPod Touch you’ll be able to stand right in front of the Colosseum as it was 2000 years ago…

And of course we’re always working on new reconstructions that will be added to the apps!

The first guide of this series is Visual Rome, which features:

  • 27 landing spots throughout Rome, where you can look around as if you were there
  • detailed info on the history of more than 100 buildings
  • flying over the map does not require an internet connection: avoid costly roaming charges while you’re on holiday
  • full 3D reconstruction of key areas, so you can see how Rome was 2000 years ago