Content on the move

Telecom Design partecipates at the European Research Project ASTUTE, focused on Infomobility, augmented reality and content on the move.

The video explains application of the 360° photos during the run is the anticipation of of the journey: the crossings, the main step, the arrival. The 360 photo is collocated on the map in a sphere.

Like Google street view, the photographic panoramas will be organized on a road itinerary. The shooting will represent not only the road, but also the main Points of interest of the territory around the itinerary. A layer of information can be superimposed on the 360 photos. Street view technology can be used to can create for the traveller a multimedia guide, not only in real time, but also before.

The video simulates the usability of the proactive online platform for navigation on a connected car.

The Platform distributes the contents as Point of interest icon in a GPS map. The car moving in the context meets the Point of interest around it and in front of it. The System must choose the information useful to the driver. According to the category set by the user, the system asks information to the database. The Algorithm of the database gives the driver the right information, according to the “scale of priority” of the contest.

Every information of the POI in the database is organized in a “scale importance code”: