Web tv platform


Telecom Design has developed a Web Tv Platform.

All the films transmitted in the web tv are described and indexed to make them searchable by Internet search engines.

Telecom Design offers a structure for multimedia productions, capable of shooting anywhere in Italy, and then editing the resulting video.

The films will also be made available to clients, who can link to them, or upload them to use them on their own web sites.

  • Video brochure
    The Video Brochure format foresees the production of a film about 1 minute long. The video will be produced by collecting images provided by the exhibitor, which can be integrated with photographs selected from international archives and digital maps. An editor develops the storyboard and offers it to the exhibitor for approval. Since this kind of production can be executed at a distance, the format is also appropriate for clients all over the world.


  • Video promo
    The Video Promo format proposes production of a one and a half minute film. The production is handled by a crew who come to the client’s premises, anywhere in Italy. The storyboard for the video is agreed in advance, with an editorial team who will contact the company beforehand to agree the text.
    For every video promo the shooting will take place in a single location. Interviews and statements by company representatives can be inserted into the final video.


  • Multilingual video
    To distribute content globally, Telecom Design will provide a translation service for videos.
    For the most widespread languages we introduce a synchronised voice overdub, while more specialist languages are added by means of subtitles.
    The translation service can be offered for videos produced from scratch.
    A special service handles translation into five languages for the title, key words and descriptive texts of the films, to make the video searchable by search engines worldwide.