Visual Italy

Visual Italy is the multimedia tourist map dedicated to promoting the beauty and attractions of the country. Thanks to a spectacular virtual technology, you can visit the streets, the squares, the coast, the mountains, but also Italian museums and monuments, obtaining multimedia information. Visual Italy is a technology platform, promoted and developed by SEAT, Bit and Telecom and Design, at the disposal of promoting tourism offices. The platform includes road maps, geo-referenced weather forecasts and traffic conditions in real time. A unique and distinctive Visual Italy is the database of Italian companies provided and updated by Seat Yellow Pages, and in particular of tourism, classified by economic activity, geo-referenced and enriched with information and video clips.


The technological innovations of Visual Italy

The technological solution of immersive map, published and made famous by Google Street View in 2007, was preceded by Visual Yellow Pages in 2006 had already released immersive tour of all major Italian cities.

The immersive shooting

Visual Italy has developed a technology that can take virtually not only the streets (such as Google Street View), but also the sights accessible on foot, by boat or snow, such as the inside of the monuments, the slopes of skiing and snow-capped peaks, beaches, cliffs and sea caves. The kit Portable Technology for shooting View Walk developed by Geomondo, equipped with GPS and solar panels, allows you to reach areas of particular significance from the point of view of tourism, the crypts of the Romanesque churches to high altitude in the Alps.


The tourist map

Visual Italy has introduced an innovative organization chart of the main tourist attractions, which are structured according to a scale of importance (Importance Scale Code). This logic allows you to see the tourist map from the national to the regional and even zoom to individual towns, discovering the Point Of Interest corresponding to the various levels. The Content Management System Visual Italy associates to each POI shot a three-dimensional viewing of monuments and natural beauties of the area.


Audio Guides and directed immersive

Another innovative aspect of Visual Italy is the multimedia integration, which enhances the immersive map with other elements, such as immersive audio guides. The audio of virtual paths (a total of about 5 hours, in Italian and English) adopt a screenplay immersive describes the surroundings and invites the user to explore, providing guidance to pursue independently the visit. All sections are also enriched with links to official sites of tourist promotion.


Virtual reconstructions: time travel

The Past And Present function allows for example to visit an archaeological site present in appearance, but also in the reconstruction of the past made in 3d computer graphics, or to see the aerial photo of the city of L’Aquila, provided by Telespazio, before and after Earthquake.