Digital asset


Telecom Design developed property technological platforms that enable and manage advanced digital services, and offers to the clients and the partner customized solution, also white label:

  • CMS and logistics for Rich Business Content

    Telecom Design developed a range of CMS and digital Backend designed to manage the production on industrial scale of videos, virtual tours, Seo, Websites, Web and Mobile App.
    The available solution comprehend the online logistics for campaigns of digital recordings made on the territory, the organization tailor made of the multimedia production, the control of the operators and the contacts with the final clients, the report and the economical management of the production flow.

  • Mobile – Location Based Services

    Management of contents in proximity and mobile, in particular for tourism, local marketing and transports. Cartographic and geotouristic CMS. Own database with more than 40.000 points of interest. Managing of guides and navigators with “Content on the Move” mode. Augmented Vision applied for the automotive.

  • Smart Catalog

    Related to the product communication and to the B2B transaction (etrade) and B2C (ecommerce), Telecom Design develops innovative catalogues. Smart Catalog is the ideal solution for collective Business Communities (i.e. exhibition, associations, chambers of commerce, districts). For the business catalogues we propose innovative format for an interactive presentation and promotion of products.

  • Digital Magazine and Business Community

    Platforms for multi screen publishing based on the aggregation and content curation. An innovative solution based on the aggregation of contents feeds from the web, that enables the creation of Multimedia Magazines. The integration of CMS Fluxus with Frontend Display enables the publishing on more different devices: web, smartphone, tablet and connected tv.

  • Immersive mapping

    Realization of digital immersive maps, starting from the classic mode “street view”, up to more advanced solution, with 3d simulation, 360° videos, gamification. For the tourism and the info traffic we realize immersive view services, either for territories or accommodation structures. The platform has been made thanks to the cooperation with the partner GEOMONDO.

  • Platforms for Web Marketing Services

    Systems to enable and manage on a large scale service of Search Engine Optimization, collection data about web presence and reputation, web and social editing. Export services for Italian companies related to the buyer recruitment on line, B2B international marketing and -trade through the main global Marketplace.

  • B2B Search Engine

    Vertical Search Engine for business community, industrial sectors, exhibitions. The platform is based on the application of crawling and indexing technologies to the professional sectors. Creation of specialized search engines, applied to web sites clusters. Extension of research to videos, imagine, post from the social media, news from feed rss. Customization of the research, Wish list, bookmarking, match making buyer-seller.

  • Mobile APP for smartphone and tablet

    Custom APP for Top Client, either within the business sector and the publishing sector. Particular attention to the innovative solution as Augmented Reality, the customization of contents, 3D simulation.

Digital Asset