About us

Telecom Design: our activities in the Italian digital innovation field – Highlights:

  • EXPO 2015 Virtual Tour, services for participants
  • Prototype of SMART CITY APP FOR EXPO 2015
  • Different Tv, CUSTOMIZED CONNECTED TV, published in 2013 within Cubovision, in partnership with Between
  • Smart Catalog, B2B SEARCH ENGINE AND MAGAZINE, developed for Fiera Milano
  • The APP series “Virtual History” for iPad, realized for Applix and published by Mondadori. Presented by Steve Jobs, Italian Best App, Unite Award in London in 2011.
  • In 2013 Telecom Design develops for Applix “BibleWorld”, the bible for iPad published by Edizioni San Paolo in 4 different languages
  • iDante, the first Italian APP for iPad, published in 2010 in US in parternship with IlSole24Ore.
  • Virtual Grand Tour of the portal Italia.it
  • The first IMMERSIVE MAPPING in the world, realized in 2006 for Tuttocittà, one year before the introduction of Google Street View
  • The first production of BUSINESS VIDEOS for web on industrial scale: in 2005 with Videoazienda for Telecom Italia, in 2006 with the offer of Video Visual Pagine Gialle. 20.000 videos produced in one year by Telecom Design, an international record.



Telecom Design is born in 2000 with the brand Neoexpo, thanks to the initiative of the charter members Alberto Barzaghi and Gualtiero and Roberto Carraro, together with the shareholding of Seat Pagine Gialle and De Agostini. During the years the partnership changed, as the two publishers came out, and nowadays Telecomdesign is controlled by 4 partners: A. Barzaghi, R. Carraro, G. Carraro and Angelo Moratti via Angelab.
To the original mission, the reinterpretation of the exhibition’s role in the World Wide Web, are now added other activities, always coherent with the digital evolution of services for companies, in the Media, TLC, Tourism and B2B Community sectors.

The success of the multimedia format for web and mobile, designed and produce by Telecom Design, leaded the company towards a fast increase of the turnover and the industrial and technological asset.